black and white photo of students speaking with a recruiter

All Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Development Career Fair

February 28, 2020. 10am-3pm

The annual All Ivy Environmental and Sustainable Development Career Fair attracts top organizations from the private, non-profit, and public sectors to the Columbia campus. The Fair is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all Ivy League schools, as well as Earth Institute alumni.

Advanced Sustainability Career Workshop

February 8, 2020. 10am-3pm
Instructor: Cathy Gibbons, Assistant Director of Career Development, School of Professional Studies

This workshop is dedicated to helping you to research the sustainability industry, find employers, and develop your strategy for approaching, interviewing and negotiating with employers. We will look at strategies and sites that will help you to optimize your job search and begin your networking process - starting with preparing for the All Ivy Career Fair. Your resume and other marketing materials got you in the door; now let’s look at how you create a professional image through the interview and negotiating stage so that you will land the jobs that you want. Resources to help you to continue to build your career planning skills and search jobs will be also be discussed.

Opinion Writing for Newspapers, Magazines, Websites and Blogs

February 22, 2020. 10am-3pm
Instructor: Claudia Dreifus, Interviewer & Reporter, New York Times & Science Times

Thanks to the internet, science and sustainability advocates can now address the public directly. They can do so through newspaper and magazine op-ed pages, through online opinion sites, such as Medium and the Atlantic, and through their own personal blogs. To help you write effective opinion essays or blog stories on your scientific concerns, Claudia Dreifus, who teaches “Writing About Global Science for the International Media,” in the M.S. Sustainability Management Program, will be conducting a one-day introductory workshop. Professor Dreifus writes the “Conversation with…” column in the Science Section of the New York Times and contributes to the New York Review of Books, Scientific American and Quanta.