The EI Alumni Network

The Earth Institute Alumni Network comprises over 2,000 environmental and sustainability professionals worldwide, who are graduates of the Earth Institute’s affiliated education programs.

The goal of the network is to provide sustainability-focused professional resources and events, that complement the alumni services available through Columbia University. Through the distribution of alumni directories, regular newsletters, professional networking opportunities, and social events, alumni from different environmental sustainability programs can connect and network.

    Affiliated programs include:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any upcoming Alumni Events?
    For a list of upcoming alumni events, check out the Events section.

    How can I get access to the Alumni Directory for my program?
    Directories are secured on a password protected site. To request the log in information, please email us and provide your name, program and graduation year.

    How can I update my contact information in the Alumni Directory?
    Click the links below to fill out the alumni survey for your program below:

    I want to be part my program Alumni Board- who should I contact?
    Alumni boards are elected every one to two years. Please contact us to get contact information for the current alumni board members for your program.

    I want to be a mentor- who should I contact?
    Please contact us to find out how to be a mentor to current students.

    How can I give to The Earth Institute?
    To donate to The Earth Institute, please visit our gift page here.